Surge — A Scalability & Performance Conference, presented by OmniTI.

Surge 2010 Keynote & Speaker List

Discussing Scalability Matters…

…because scalability matters. Surge is more than an event, it's a chance to identify emerging trends and meet the architects behind established technologies. Learn from their mistakes and see how their victories can power your business forward.

John Allspaw Keynote
John's Profile

John Allspaw VP of Technical Operations, Etsy

Ruslan Belkin Speaker
Ruslan's Profile

Ruslan Belkin Sr. Director of Engineering, LinkedIn

Artur Bergman Speaker
Artur's Profile

Artur Bergman VP of Engineering and Operations, Wikia

Benjamin Black Speaker
Benjamin's Profile

Benjamin Black Founder, fast_ip

Ronald Bradford Speaker
Ronald's Profile

Ronald Bradford Principal, 42SQL

Christopher Brown Speaker
Christopher's Profile

Christopher Brown VP of Engineering, Opscode

Bryan Cantrill Keynote
Bryan's Profile

Bryan Cantrill VP of Engineering, Joyent

  • Opening Keynote Download Slides
  • Enterprise solutions from commodity components: The Promise and the Peril unavailable
Tom Cook Speaker
Tom's Profile

Tom Cook Systems Engineer, Facebook

  • A Day in the Life of Facebook Operationsunavailable
Rod Cope Speaker
Rod's Profile

Rod Cope CTO and Founder, OpenLogic

Tom Daly Speaker
Tom's Profile

Tom Daly President/CTO, Dyn Inc.

Neil Gunther Speaker
Neil's Profile

Neil Gunther Founder/Principal Consultant, Performance Dynamics

Rasmus Lerdorf Speaker
Rasmus' Profile

Rasmus Lerdorf Founder of PHP; Developer, WePay

Mike Malone Speaker
Mike's Profile

Mike Malone Infrastructure Engineer, SimpleGeo

Mike Malone Speaker
Geir's Profile

Geir Magnusson Jr VP, Platform and Architecture, Gilt Groupe

  • Growth At Gilt Groupe : Staying on Track When Rails Fails unavailable
Paul Querna Speaker
Paul's Profile

Paul Querna Chief Architect, Cloudkick

Gavin M. Roy Speaker
Gavin's Profile

Gavin M. Roy Chief Technology Officer, MyYearbook

Theo Schlossnagle Keynote
Theo's Profile

Theo Schlossnagle Principal/CEO, OmniTI

Baron Schwartz Speaker
Baron's Profile

Baron Schwartz VP of Consulting, Percona

Justin Sheehy Speaker
Justin's Profile

Justin Sheehy CTO, Basho Technologies

Cosimo Streppone Speaker
Cosimo's Profile

Cosimo Streppone Lead Developer, Opera Software

Robert Treat Speaker
Robert's Profile

Robert Treat Lead Database Architect, OmniTI

Joe Williams Speaker
Joe's Profile

Joe Williams Infrastructure Engineer, Cloudant

Speakers will be added as we approach the event dates. Visit back for updates to this page and the Sessions Calendar.