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Surge 2010 Keynote & Speaker List

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…because scalability matters. Surge is more than an event, it's a chance to identify emerging trends and meet the architects behind established technologies. Learn from their mistakes and see how their victories can power your business forward.

Gavin M. Roy Speaker

Gavin M. Roy Chief Technology Officer, MyYearbook

Gavin has been involved with the PostgreSQL community as a user, contributor and evangelist for over 10 years. As the CTO of, he has been directly involved in the various methodologies used to scale PostgreSQL, meeting the demands of the rapid & large scale growth that the site has experienced. Gavin is the author of Golconde, a queue based data distribution system for PostgreSQL.

Gavin's Talks

Scaling - Lessons Learned From Rapid Growth

Day 2 - 10:00 am

Location: Corinthian

  • Scalability
Share the love: is one of the top 25 most trafficked websites in the United States, experiencing large scale growth over a very short period of time. Employing technologies such as PHP, PostgreSQL, memcached as well as newer cutting edge technologies, has been able to achieve operational stability in the face of large volumes of traffic. In this talk Gavin will review the growing pains and methodologies used to handle the consistent growth and demand while affording the rapid development cycles required by the product development team.

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