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Surge 2010 Keynote & Speaker List

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…because scalability matters. Surge is more than an event, it's a chance to identify emerging trends and meet the architects behind established technologies. Learn from their mistakes and see how their victories can power your business forward.

Neil Gunther Speaker

Neil Gunther Founder/Principal Consultant, Performance Dynamics

Neil J. Gunther, M.Sc., Ph.D., SMACM, SMIEEE, is an internationally known IT researcher and computer performance analyst. Prior to starting his own research and consulting company in 1994, Dr. Gunther held teaching, research and management positions at San Jose State University, JPL/NASA, Xerox PARC and Pyramid/Siemens Technology. His "Guerrilla Capacity Planning" training courses have been presented world wide at both corporate and academic institutions including:, Boeing, FedEx, Motorola, Nokia,, Stanford University and UCLA. He has written several books, as well as a multitude of papers, on performance analysis and capacity planning based on consulting work at large-scale web sites like and He is currently finalizing the 2nd edition of his Perl::PDQ book. Dr. Gunther received the prestigious A.A. Michelson Award from the Computer Measurement Group in 2008, and was elected a senior member of both ACM and IEEE in 2009. He is also a member of American Mathematical Society and the American Physical Society.

Neil's Talks

Quantifying Scalability FTW

Day 2 - 1:30 pm

Location: Marble

  • Scalability
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You probably already collect performance data, but data ain't information. Successful scalability requires transforming your data to quantify the cost-benefit of any architectural decisions. In other words:

information = measurement + method

So, measurement alone is only half the story; you need a method to transform your data. In this presentation I will show you a method that I have developed and applied successfully to large-scale web sites and stack applications to quantify the benefits of proposed scaling strategies. To the degree that you don't quantify your scalability, you run the risk of ending up with WTF rather than FTW.

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