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Surge 2010 Keynote & Speaker List

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…because scalability matters. Surge is more than an event, it's a chance to identify emerging trends and meet the architects behind established technologies. Learn from their mistakes and see how their victories can power your business forward.

Ruslan Belkin Speaker

Ruslan Belkin Sr. Director of Engineering, LinkedIn

Ruslan Belkin is Sr. Director of Engineering responsible for Content and Community (CNC) engineering teams at LinkedIn - including Groups, communication platforms, network update streams and news feeds. Ruslan started at LinkedIn as a principal architect for LinkedIn communication platform and over the years was responsible for many high-traffic systems at LinkedIn - including member and company profiles, the address book and contacts management, groups, InBox, network update streams and news feeds as well as components of LinkedIn core infrastructure. Prior to LinkedIn Ruslan held lead engineering roles at Netscape, AOL, Sun Microsystems and Siebel. Ruslan presented at major professional conferences - including JavaOne, SDWest, Velocity and QCon.

Ruslan's Talks

Going 0 to 60: Scaling LinkedIn

Day 1 - 1:30 pm

Location: Corinthian

  • Scalability
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Scaling LinkedIn to be the largest professional network in the world. Have you ever wondered what architectures the site like LinkedIn may have used and what insights teams have learned while growing the system from serving just a handful to close to a hundred million of users? Ruslan will share his experiences after facing many complex challenges through the years of hyper growth and will answer questions about LinkedIn architecture and the way LinkedIn engineers approach building innovative products of the future with scale.

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