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Ben Fried Keynote

Ben Fried CIO, Google

Ben is Google's Chief Information Officer, overseeing the company's global technology systems. His extensive hands-on experience in technology includes stints as a dBASE II programmer, front-line support manager, Macintosh developer, Windows 1.0 programmer, and Unix systems programmer. Prior to joining Google, he spent more than 13 years in Morgan Stanley's technology department, where he rose to the level of Managing Director. During his time there, he led teams responsible for software development technology, web and electronic commerce technologies and operations, and technologies for knowledge workers. Ben is a graduate of Columbia University.

Ben's Talks

Keynote Address

10 - 11 a.m., September 29th

Location: Corinthian Room


This work aims to present a new approach on data centers monitoring. We make use of Complex Event Processing (CEP) to provide both efficient data visualization and significant threats and opportunities patterns detection. Our architecture defines a data bus that receives events from several data sources. Configuration items like servers, routers or applications send events to the data bus, while the CEP engine processes and correlates all these data.

At runtime, sysadmins can easily express patterns like "warn my team when session count falls more than 20% on a load balancer in less then one minute and cache fails on connecting to backend" using Event Processing Language (EPL), as well as create real time and historical charts. Once a pattern is detected, the system may take the corresponding actions to warn who are interested.

We are announcing the 2011 line up of speakers and sessions starting on May 19th. One each day, in no particular order.

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