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Surge 2011 Keynote & Speaker List

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Gavin M. Roy Speaker

Gavin M. Roy Chief Technology Officer, MyYearbook

Gavin M. Roy is the CTO of and the maintainer of Pika, the Python RabbitMQ client library.

Gavin's Talks

Scaling RabbitMQ to 11

Time: TBD

Location: TBD


At we use RabbitMQ as the core messaging platform for remote asynchronous task processing, cross-application communication and general information routing and delivery. Pushing RabbitMQ's limits in scaling has provided good insight in how to scale RabbitMQ clusters while avoiding RabbitMQ's common pitfalls.

In this talk we will cover RabbitMQ basics including common message routing patterns, clustering, monitoring and management. myYearbook's use of and integrations with RabbitMQ will be covered, reviewing the bottlenecks we encountered and the strategies we used to keep scaling RabbitMQ to 11. In addition we will cover alternative methods for message publishing such as web application message publishing over HTTP to RabbitMQ using the JSON-RPC-Channel plugin.

We are announcing the 2011 line up of speakers and sessions starting on May 19th. One each day, in no particular order.

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