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Artur Bergman

Founder and CEO, Fastly


  • Track: Scaling Architectures
    Latency Is the Mind Killer

    Latency is pervasive, the silent killer that sneaks in and kills your performance. Present at every level of the stack, it leaves expensive resources tied up waiting. With a focus on the larger implication of networking on performance, I will provide an exploration in why things are slow—and why it is our responsibility to understand our stack so we can fix it. Based on the experience of building and running a CDN with servers around the world that have one mission: deliver data as fast as possible, I’ll take a whirlwind tour around some of the issues:

    • TCP—how it affects us
    • Monitoring performance and latency
    • Reasoning about performance data and expectations
    • Cheating speed of light
    • SSL
    • User perception

Artur Bergman Artur Bergman, hacker and technologist-at-large, is the Founder and CEO of Fastly the world’s only real-time content delivery network. Prior to Fastly he was CTO of Engineering and Operations at Wikia where he provided the technical backbone necessary for Wikia’s mission to compile and index the world’s knowledge. In past lives, he has been a committer to Varnish, built high-volume financial trading systems, re-implemented Perl 5’s threading system, wrote djabberd, managed LiveJournal’s engineering team and served as operations architect at Six Apart.


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